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Who are we:
Alsin stands for Association of Liverpool supporters in the Netherlands. In 2002 Alsin was founded by Wander Koldewijn and Herman Post.jr and in September officially recognized by Liverpool FC as "Liverpool Branch".

Alsin has about 300 members at the moment and is headed by a five member board to know:
• Marc Steurs (President and contact Belgium);
• Kim Olthof (secretary);
• John Oosenburg (Treasurer);
• Kevin Tibbe;
• Ronald Kleinman;
What we do for you:
Alsin by Liverpool FC recognized as a ticket-based branch means that we can order tickets for our members for home matches of Liverpool. Information about ordering these cards can be found on our website. We also organize meetings and round competitions will receive a quarterly newsletter. We also maintain a very informative website (www.liverpoolfc.nl).
Membership is by July 1 automatically extended by one year, unless a written demand is terminated before that date.
Liverpool To be eligible for tickets you must have at least a light LFC membership. The cost is about € 35, -. Registration via Liverpoolfc.com menu item membership. Tickets for the 1st half of the season can be requested in July and for the 2nd half of the season in October. Available tickets are over (buy ticket) on our site. See our FAQ. We ask every requested match the price of the ticket as an advance (about € 50, -). No ticket is assigned then this is immediately returned The rules for allocation of tickets can be changed by Liverpool FC per season. For the season 2017/18 we can only ask 6 tickets for 10 matches . Five games in the 1st half and  five games  in the 2nd half of the season. Mapping is not sure but it depends on Liverpool FC.
Every two years we organize a Alsindag in Rotterdam with an international 5 side tournament. The last was on June 4, 2016 and we had a clinic for youth-led Melwood trainers.
The website:
Our website is updated regularly. So, you are immediately informed of the latest news on your favorite club. When registering as a member you have chosen a username and password for your account. The secretary will activate your account. This activation you need to order tickets eg election and player of the month.
There is a alsingroep to members on facebook to share thoughts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/189238391117937/
You can follow alsin on @alsinLFC or search #alsin
Election player of the year At the end of the month.
You can choose the player of the month on the website. The results from each month are added together to arrive at the player of the year. The player of the year award will give Christoph Steurs be our president Marc Steurs. This award was established in memory of the deceased at age 17 alsinmember Christoph Steurs.
The meetings:
Several times a year we organize competitions around rayon meetings where you while enjoying a snack and a drink with fellow Alsinners favorites to over- you scream extraction. Finally, we hope we have been able to feel a bit through this welcome letter who we are and what we do and we hope to welcome you soon at one of our meetings.
At the beginning of the season we start a toto, where everyone can join free
On behalf of the Board:
You'll Never Walk Alone